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Farmer Tice -- Book 2

10 more madcap adventures!!!

Farmer Tice books are very popular with homeschooled kids.

139 pages with 61 colorful illustrations

Shuckin' the Corn - Unknown Artist
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Here's another very popular book with homeschooled kids. The Farmer Tice stories in Book #2 are slightly more advanced, and a little more sophisticated, than those in the first book. That's because this hillbilly farmer somehow manages to get himself into bigger and more complicated messes; such as the time his wife forced him to get a part-time job. Such endeavors as that can only lead to a heap of trouble, and it did.

Farmer Tice children's stories come from a conservative point of view and do not reflect progressive values in any way. They are also not dumbed-down for kids as a lot of today's kid's books are. Chances are you will never find them in any public school library. Not a scene in any of the Farmer Tice book from the series is P.C.; i.e., politically correct. They involve some very real situations; such as the time Farmer Tice's wife, Agnes (aka "Honeybunch") goes through the change of life. She literally turns Farmer Tice's simple world upside-down. You will learn a lot by reading these books, and you won't even know it. And you will have a lot of fun doing so.

138 pages & 60 full color illustrations

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