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Farmer Tice Book #4

Farmer Tice grosses out the space aliens.
I've got hairy legs and I love kids jumping on my lap, from
Donald Trume in Farmer Tice book #4.


        The root beer fiasco left Farmer Tice in, perhaps, the most god-awful predicament he had ever been in, which for a man of his bad luck and intellectual capacity is saying something. It is now the middle of harvest season, and that means plenty of work has to be done. Normally, there aren’t enough crops to keep even the slowest picker busy more than a few days, but the soaring success and seismic collapse of his root beer business created such a backlog of chores that Farmer Tice can’t get caught up even if all his lodge brothers at Swine Hall pitch in and give him a hand—something they wouldn’t do in a million years.

         Sentenced to three months at hard labor on his own farm is something he has to get out of, but how? With his wife as warden at that prison farm otherwise known as Tice Acres, he needs a miracle of extraterrestrial proportion. Impossible you think? Well, perhaps you’d better think again. They’re out there, alright, and you’ll get to meet two of them in Farmer Tice’s fourth book. It’s not only zany, it’s out of this world!

Farmer Tice book #4 enlightens homeschooled children.
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Farmer Tice books for homeschooled kids are anti woke, anti CRT.

Available in Nov. 2021

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